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Have you ever wanted to turn VCS polling off?

TFS to TeamCity Build Notification Plugin is a tool that will initiate a build request when your source code is checked in.

The only configuration includes deploying the notification website and supplying your VCS roots to notify .

Read my blog post for additional information @

IMPORTANT: Screen casts and additional documentation coming soon. Please send me an email with questions in the meantime.

This is the initial release of the integration plugin. Next release will include setup documentation.
Until then, the setup is as follows:

1) Create a website on your TFS Server
2) Extract the website from the zip to the root of that website
3) Execute Bissubscribe.exe

- Open a command window and change directory to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Tools\"
- Execute "BisSubscribe /eventType CheckinEvent /address http://<web address from step 2>/integration.asmx /collection http://<tfsserver>:<port>/tfs/<CollectionName>
- IMPORTANT: If successful, you will be returned a subscription id, do not continue until you have a subscription id

4) Modify VCS.config in the root of the web application from step 2

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